Me and my kids


My name is Deborah McCandless. I live in Rolesville, NC and I am the doll artist behind Deborah’s Darlings. I grew up in Fort Myers, Florida and graduated from Stetson University with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. I also have earned certificates in Medical Office Administration and Medical Coding and Billing. Right after I graduated, I married my high school sweetheart. We have three beautiful children ages 24, 20, and 16.  Although I went to college and received a higher education, being home with my children was very important to me. Creating my small home based business, Deborah’s Darlings, has allowed me to do just that.


I have collected dolls every since I was a little girl. Every Christmas I would have a new doll under the Christmas tree. My mom continued that tradition well into my college years. In September of 2003, I became interested in creating my own dolls. I spent countless hours learning the basic techniques of lifelike painting and hair rooting. Over time, I created my own techniques and creating my own unique dolls. I became so involved in this art; I decided to start my own business. That is how Deborah’s Darlings came about. As I am creating each doll, he or she starts to take on its own personality. Each baby is hand painted and their hair hand rooted. Every baby is one of kind. I have now handcrafted over 500 dolls. They have all been adopted and are now living all over the world including Australia, Spain, France, Mexico, Japan, and the list goes on and on 


This art form has become a passion of mine and fits well for me as it allows me to be home with my children and work on my own schedule. I always have babies available for adoption on my website. I also have a mailing list for those who would like to join and be the first to know when a new baby comes available.