Some folks have asked why I have gone to painting hair on some of my babies. Well there are a few reasons. Number one, I have a constant issue with rotator cuff tendonitis in my right shoulder. Anyone that has dealt with this knows how painful it can be and how easily aggravated the shoulder can get. The bones in my right shoulder are not aligned like they should be which makes me very prone to the tendonitis. When I told my doctor what aggravated it, he told me to stay away from rooting my babies. Well I understand where he is coming from, but I am too stubborn to give up rooting all together. I will, however, cut down significantly so my shoulder does not get so aggravated. Secondly, painted hair has become one of the new reborning techniques. Before issues with my shoulder, I was determined never to paint hair. However, once I realized how aggravating it was to my shoulder, I knew I had no choice. Once I learned, I loved it. There is just a look you can achieve with painted hair (a more newborn look) that you cannot get with rooted hair. That of course is my opinion and not everyone feels that way. I look at it as a way to help my shoulder and keep doing what I love, plus keeping up with the new techniques. Making these dolls is a lot like technology. It changes constantly and to be competitive you have to keep up.

 Many folks think painting hair is the easy or lazy way. Well I have news for them! It takes me about 20 hours to paint hair on a baby...about the same time to root and sometimes longer. In no way is it easier. It is just different...but much easier on my shoulder!

 Well, schools are closed to day and we are looking at getting a possibility of 8" of snow today! Looks like a great day to sit at my desk by my big office window and watch it fall as I work hard at my Gundrun Legler "Max" sculpt! I cannot wait until this baby is done. I am not sure if it will be a girl or boy yet, but as soon as he/she is ready, I will send out a newsletter. If you aren't signed up, you can do so on my home page on the left column. I promise I never share your email. It is used for my newsletter mailings only!