We are expecting some nasty weather here in North Carolina starting later today and into Thursday. I just finished loading up my refrigerator. I also stacked up on batteries for my latern and picked up a few flashlights. They are expecting we may have power outages due to ice. I hope not, but I am prepared in case!


I have finished Reva Schick's "Noah". She is a blonde curly haired beauty. I am waiting for her doe suede body to arrive from Canada. Once she is assembled and I have her photo shoot done, I will have her available for adoption.


Today I will be starting on Tina Kewy's "Finn".  As of now, this baby will probably be a doll show baby for the International Doll Show in June. Once I have him (or maybe her),  I will have him on the "Doll Show Babies" page.I will be spending my day rooting my Reva Schick "Noah" sculpt. Her painting is finally complete. Whew! She is a slightly larger baby so it took me  He will not be available for adoption until that show. If you are interested in information on the International Doll Show, click HERE!