Many folks have asked me if I will be making a Laura Lee Eagles "Quinlynn" sculpt. I have actually been working on one for several days now. I am currently working on her hair. I would like to mention, however, that this baby will be a doll show baby. She will be available at the International Doll Show in June. If she is not adopted there, she will be available at the ROSE International Doll Show Down East the next weekend. All information for these shows can be found here at Deborah's Darlings. Just go to the HOME page and click on "DOLL SHOWS" for the drop down menu.

I also have a second "Quinlynn" kit that I have not yet started. I had bought that one to be my own, but may also create her for my upcoming shows. This sculpt is highly sought after. When her sculptor, Laura Lee Eagles, posted her for adoption, she sold out in less than 5 minutes! I was fortunate enough to get 2 of them. This sculpt will be one collectors are looking for at my upcoming shows so I want to make sure I have one or two available.

As soon as I have this Quinlynn completed, she will be posted on my "Doll Show Babies" page. I will not send out an newsletter. though, because she will not be available for adoption on my site...only at the upcoming shows. If she is not adopted at the two shows I am doing in June, she will be available on my site once the shows are over