Hi folks,

I have been busy rooting Majara. My shoulder is giving me fits! Anyway, I am very close to running out of mohair for her as I was using some left over I had from a previous baby. I had to order more and since it comes from Canada, it may be another week or two before I receive it. I cannot say for sure when I will have her done, but as soon as I do she will be on the "Doll Show Babies" page.

Also, my kids are on Spring break this week which means I will be taking some time to do some fun things with them this week. My time will be impacted dramatically.

Some folks have asked why so many babies are going onto the "Doll Show Babies" page. It is always crunch time for me when I have a show approaching...especially when I am down to the last few months. Many of the babies I am working on are limited editions and a few of them are highly sought after. If I were to make them available now, they would be gone and I would go to the show empty handed. On top of that I now have 2 big shows within a week's time so I am under twice the pressure now.

If any of you live nearby North Carolina, you dont want to miss these shows. Go to the main menu and click on "Doll Shows" for information on these events. The talent there will be amazing and you will be overwhelmed with the thousands of babies that will be there! Come if you can!!!