So many folks have asked me, "Why havent you posted more babies?". Well, first of all, my kids were on Spring Break last week so I really was not able to get much accomplished. We have a big vacation planned to California over the summer so we didnt go anywhere this Spring Break. We did, however, do some daily fun things so my time was spent with them most of last week.  The main reason, however, is I am in full show mode...or maybe it would be more appropriate to call it PANIC MODE!!! LOL! I have so much to do before my upcoming shows in June. Most of the babies I am working on will be for those shows. Whenever I get down to the last 2 months I have to put 100% of my efforts into preparing for them so that I can make the best presentation I can. I will have 2 shows in one week! This is the first time I have done that so I am a bit stressed and will be until all preparations are completed. From this point forward, most babies will be posted on the Doll Show Babies page. I do not send out newsletters for these babies because they are not currently available for adoption and will not be until those shows.