Hi Everyone

I finally have my "Crystal" kit completed. She is one red head chunk of a baby! Her head took me 3 days to root. My poor shoulder is feeling it, too! I will need to not root for a bit now. I am waiting for her paci magnet to dry and for her body to arrive. I should have it today or tomorrow. I cannot wait to assemble her. They looks so different assembled and if the outfit I have planned for her works, she will be all decked out in Minnie Mouse! The outfit I got from her came right from Disney World and is so cute. Let's hope it fits!

I now getting ready to paint my "Sienna Rae" kit by Cassie Brace. Oh boy, does she ever have personality! She is a sleeper, but you can just tell she is up to something!!! And those ears! Reminds me so much of Bonnie Brown's Sally! I love babies that have some originality! I cannot wait to see this one completed!

Off to paint!!!