I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas lights and all the holiday festivities! Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year so I am still trying to play catch up on shopping and having my home ready for my son coming to visit.

I have just completed another little preemie girl. I hoped to have her done today, but have since learned that her pacifier will not be here until Monday. If the mail is quick, I could get it tomorrow, but with it being Christmas time, I would say Monday would be more likely. Hopefully I can get her paci attached and then once she is dry, get her ready for her photoshoot so I can have her available by Tuesday. I did twin preemies of this sculpt not too long ago and have had many folks asking if I would do more. I plan to do more, but will be doing them as singles now.

I have a little bit of Christmas shopping I plan to do today while my kids are in school, but plan to start on Laura Lee Eagles "Miracle" today. I am not positive I will have her done this month or not. I do have company coming for the holidays so my work time will be limited. I do, however, still plan to try to get some work done in the evenings. Of course, I will send out a newsletter when she is completed. I have had at last count, 14 people ask me if I was doing this sculpt. She is adorable and her limbs are so chubby and just so irresistable!  I cannot wait to have her done. I do plan to root her. Let's just plan on her being done sometime in the beginning of January.