Hi folks,

I am finally feeling my energy is back and I am now working full speed ahead in preparation for my upcoming show in July. From now until then I am attempting to work on two babies simultaneously. One baby will be for the show, the other will be for adoption here on my site. I have several kits that are waiting to be made. A few I am waiting to be shipped and some are here just waiting to be brought alive. This week I will be making another Elisa Marx Ivy  that will be put away for adoption at the Rose International Doll show. I will also be working on Tamie Yarie's "Raven" kit that will be available for adoption. She is beautiful kit. She is a limited edition kit of only 500. Her details are amazing and her face is as sweet as can be.

Because I am working on kits simultaneously, it may take me a little longer in between kits especially if a baby is being rooted. My shoulder doesn't handle rooting well and usually requires me to stop and let ibuprophen to settle in. These next two babies will have hand painted hair so that should allow me to rest it for a good while.

Ok. I am back to work!