I have had several folks inquiring about the babies I have on my doll show page asking if they could purchase them. At this time, these babies will only be available at the ROSE International Doll Show in Denver, CO in July. If they are still available after the show, I will place them on my "Up for Adoption" page. If I sell all my babies prior to the show. I will have nothing for my tables. I simply do not have the time to replace any that I would sell at this point. I still have one or two that I need to complete prior to the show. Time is getting very pressing for me especially with my daughter's graduation next month.

Also, I need to make an announcement regarding layaways. First of all, I DO NOT do holds without a nonrefundable 25% deposit...not for a few days, not even for a few hours. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Also, DO NOT put a baby on layaway if you are not sure you will be able to pay it off. When a buyer asks me to put a baby on layaway, they are asking me to remove the baby from sale and to prevent any other interested buyer from purchasing that baby. When a lawaway is cancelled, not only do I lose other possible sales, but the funds I have upfronted to make the baby are still not paid off resulting in debt on my side. I simply cannot operate business this way. It is too stressful and does cause financial issues on my end.

Although it has already been stated for many months, I WILL NOT REFUND any layaway deposits or payments from this point forward!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, layaway deposits ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE...meaning the funds cannot be put towards another doll or given to a friend. I have had too many layaways cancelled over the last few months and cannot continue to operate on broken promises.

If for any reason you have the slightest doubt about paying off a baby, then please DO NOT put the baby on layaway. It saves a lot of headache on both sides

Thank you,