Hi Everyone,

Well, the good news is, my first "Harlow" sculpt is now completed. The bad news...my shoulder didnt take it well. I spent a few days rooting the head and when I was finishing up yesterday, the pain in my shoulder was unbearable. It forced me to stop working and to take some pain killers. I also noticed some swelling.

I love to root, but unfortunately it is taking a terrible toll on my shoulder. For this reason, I plan to suspend any rooting for awhile. From this point forward, all babies will have painted hair until I feel I can try and handle rooting again. I was told awhile back to stop all together. I tried to put limitations on myself, but even that has not kept my shoulder from flaring up. My shoulder is very sensitve. Sometimes even lifting a gallon of milk out of the fridge can cause it to flare up.

I have not decided yet if I will take this Harlow to the ROSE show or if I will take the painted hair baby. I am leaning more towards taking the painted hair baby because all of my others will also have painted hair, but I havent quite decided just yet. As soon as I figure it out, I will let everyone on my mailing list know. I will also post something here.

I apologize for how slow things seem to be moving. A few folks have emailed me asking when the next baby is coming available. At this time I am working long hours everyday preparing for my upcoming show. I also have family coming in soon for my daughter's high school graduation and my son's middle school graduation. It is a very busy time, but please know I am working hard to keep the babies coming.

Thank you,