Hello everyone,

I know its been a long while since I blogged. Between trying to get babies done and the holidays approaching, I have been a busy bee and time tends to get away from me. I wanted to take a moment to talk about my Baby Noel. When I was photographing her I was having some issues with my camera settings. For some reason I couldnt get the lighting right and as a result I settled for the photos I took of her out of frustration. The more I looked at her photos over the last month or so the more I realized they did not really capture her well. In fact they kind of had a yellow overcast and made her hair look a little strange to me. It has bothered me for awhile so last night I decided to do something about it and retake her photos. I have temporarily removed her from my site, but she will be back up sometime today.

Also I want to make a quick mention that I will be taking some time off from December 16 - December 31. This doesnt mean I wont be working on babies all together. What is means is my son from California will be here visiting for Christmas and I want to spend some time enjoying him while he is here. He and family time will be my priority. I will probably still work some early morning and some evenings, but other than that I plan to try and enjoy time with them for the holidays.

Once Christmas is all done and over, I will then be focusing on preparing for the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show in Asheville, NC in June. I will still be making babies for the site, but I will also be setting some aside for the show. I will not be revealing the babies for the show until opening day at the show. I want it to be a surprise for those that are planning to attend. I feel by having them on my site months ahead of time ruins the joy of coming to the show to see them in person only to see the same faces folks have been looking at for months. I will promise I will have some real cuties. The babies I have already planned to do for the show are amazing sculpts! As I stated before, I will continue to place babies on my site for adoption as well. The time in between babies will just be a bit longer.

Ok, I am off to finish going through Baby Noel's photos. Once I have that completed and her back up for adoption, I will continue to paint Mina Torquati's "Madison" sculpt."

Thank you,