Hello folks,

This past week has been a struggle. I have come down with the worst sinus infection I believe I have ever had. My face has been swollen and and the right side has been twice as bad as the left. It has not wanted to drain at all. I have done everything....saline rinse, steam showers, humidifiers, Mucinex, warm compresses, Ibuprophen for inflammation, and antibiotics. Nothing seems to be helping much. If I don't have improvement by Wednesday, I will be heading back to see my internal doctor.

Since laying down makes me feel worse, I have been working on and off as much as I can. I am currently working on a blonde hair blue eyed baby. I hope to have her completed by the end of the week assuming this mess doesn't worsen. As usual, keep checking back and if you haven't joined my mailing list, do so on the left side of my home page. You will be first to know of new available babies.

Ok, back to rooting!