Hi folks,

I am currently painting Michelle Fagan's "Gabrielle" sculpt. This has been a sculpt that I have done a few times and continues to be a favorite and requested by many. She is beautiful open eye girl. I hope to have her done over the next week.

I wanted to mention that I received an email from someone a few days ago. The individual was a bit frustrated that the time in between the babies I have available seems to be long. I never quite know how to respond to an email like this because I pretty much paint and work on dolls from morning till night. I do, however, have other responsibilities as I have a family and a home that I need to attend to. I am also having to make dolls to put away for a show I have in June so that has taken up 50% of my time. I was then asked why others are able to do them quicker.

This is what I have to say...If someone tells you they can make one of these dolls in a matter of 2 days, then I would definitley question what it is you are buying and the quality as well. I have been doing this 13 years and although all artists have their own methods, I can tell you it is not possible to do a quality baby in 2 days. It usually takes me 7 to 10 days. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with those that like to slap a doll together to make a buck without any consideration for the quality. Also, if someone is selling you a baby for what seems to be a "cheap" price, then expect a "cheap" quality doll. Who in their right mind is going to sell a baby for half of what they put into it. Most of the babies I make (NOT ALL), cost me between $200-$300 to make. Then there is the 80 hours or more put into the painting, the heat setting of each layer, the hair whether painted or rooted (takes me 3 days at the least), the weighting, the assembling, the eye setting, the lash application whether applied or rooted. It takes TIME and a lot of it. Just keep that in mind when someone tells you they can make a doll for you for $80.

Ok, I am back to painting.  A newsletter will go out once this baby is completed.