Hi folks. Well its been quite awhile since I have blogged. Time just gets away from me and everytime I see how long it has been, I am shocked. I am now in the swing of things again and preparing for the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show in June in Asheville, NC.

I will be creating babies for the show as well as babies to list here on my site. That will mean a little more time in between babies, but please bear with me. They are in progress! For those who have not been to this show, I encourage you to do what you can to plan to attend. The talent here and the diversity of art dolls is incredible. I promise you you will not regret it!

Ever thought about learning this art form? Check out their website and sign up for a class! I still take classes myself. You can never learn too much and keeping up with the new techniques is a must!

Folks have asked me what sculpts I plan to do for the show. I do not reveal that information only because I want everyone to come and see new babies they havent seen here on my site. I want everything to be new and for attendees to be excited about who they might find on my table! I can tell you that there will be a variety of boy and girls, open eyed and closed eyed, a maybe an ethnic baby or two.  I want to have a table with a diverse selection.

I even plan to have a silicone baby this year! I have learned to paint silicone and I am excited about getting better and better at it. I will even be taking another silicone painting class this year at the show. I'm never afraid or too proud to learn something new or different! Here is a link to the show website with all the pertinent information. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding the show. If I cannot answer them for you, I will try to find the answer.