Well folks, I have been painting now for awhile. Right now I have two babies in progress. They are coming along, but slowly. With the kids being out of school, my available time is pretty much cut in half over the summer. I do try and get up early so I can get a few hours in before they wake up. I am hoping to have them completed within the next two weeks.

I do want to mention that Deborah's Darlings will be closed from Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 14. I will be on vacation at this time. I want to mention that for part of that time, approximately 4 days, I may not have an access to internet. I believe those dates without internet will be from about Sunday, August 6 - Thursday, August 10. If I do have internet, I will probably only be able to access it in the late evenings. I will do my best during this time to answer all emails and messages during that time in the evenings. Also, any babies adopted between Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 14 will not ship out until Tuesday, August 15.

I still have a few babies left from the International Doll and Teddy Bear show that have not yet been adopted including 3 cloth body silicones!

Talk soon,