Hi folks. I am officially back from vacation! I had a wonderful trip to Florida and took an amazing cruise to the Bahamas with my family. I had an awesome time and a much needed break! The cruise was so relaxing and the islands we visited were nothing short of paradise. The beauty of the islands, the crystal clear blue water, and the amazing cruise staff just made for a wonderful time. I'm already thinking about my next one! LOL!

I will begin painting again today. My youngest is still out of school until the end of the month, so it will still be a few weeks before I am back full time. It is my plan to go ahead and start preparing for next year's show. I will be working on show babies as well as babies for the website. The only change that brings is slightly longer periods between babies coming available on my site. Last year, it was very stressful waiting until January to get started. If I start now, things should go much more smoothly and with a lot less stress!

I am currently starting Alicia Toner's Eirlys kit. This has been one that a few have requested that I do. She is a cutie and I hope to have her completed within the next few weeks.

Ok, back to work!