Hi folks.

First and foremost, I would like to say that my heart is so saddened by the horrific event that has taken place in Vegas last night. My heart just sank when I heard the news. It hit me especially hard because just last weekend my son was there. This could have so easily been him. This could have so easily been me at home waiting to hear if he was dead or alive. My stomach turns just thinking about it. My heart hurts for those who lost their lives or the lives of loved ones at the hands of this evil being. Prayers for all those affected.

Secondly, I would like to remind everyone that Deborah's Darlings will be closed Thursday, October 5 - Monday, October 16. Any babies adopted during this time will not ship until Tuesday, October 17. I will be available to answer messages, however, it will be in the evenings only.

Lastly, let's discuss the rooting situation. I announced a little while back that I would not be rooting babies anymore and that the only way I could continue to do what I love would be to go to strictly painting heads. Fact is, I have a bad shoulder. Rooting takes a toll on it something terribly to the point it gets terribly inflamed and the throbbing pain becomes unbearable. When I announced this, I had a lot of folks disheartened by the announcement. I apologize to those that do not care for the painted hair. I wont say 100% that I will never root another head. I think there may be a time or two where I may just decide to do one, but if I do, it will be at a pace that will allow me to do so without causing too much inflamation. Basically what that means is as soon as I feel discomfort, I will stop and move on to something else until it has time to rest. Up to this point, I have just continued to push through sometimes to the point of tears. I refuse to let myself get to that point again. That being said, you may see one pop up here and there that has rooted hair, but for the most part , my babies will have painted hair.

Thank you,