Hi Folks,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty quiet as it was just me, my husband, and two of my children. We ate, we shopped, and we ate and we shopped some more. LOL.

I am back to painting and creating babies for the International Doll and Teddy Show in June. Things will definitely be slowing down over the next month for me with the holidays. My son from California will be coming for a few weeks so I will be dedicating much of my time to spending with him while he is here. Sales tend to be very slow this time of year with Christmas and all the shopping folks do. People generally purchase babies for themselves where as as Christmas time they are purchasing gifts for others. I am just taking things slow and working when I can.

This brings me to my next subject. I have been creating these babies now for almost 15 years. I have loved every minute of it. It amazes me how much the art has changed over the years. I look back at when I started and how different techniques were back then. I remember struggling for months learning how to do things correctly. I ruined many kits, many supplies. Today, it is still a learning process.  I still love it, but it seems so much darkness has come over the art in the last year or two. Scammers cheating customers, companies copying sculptor's kits, name calling, and the drama! Oh....the drama! It has become almost overwhelming. Then you have those that want to just make a buck so they throw a baby together in a day and sell it for $200. Folks that don't know better buy them, realize how poorly done they are,  and thenthink every artist is doing the same thing or they think folks that do quality work and expect compensation for it are scalping. It is never ending and to be honest it has just been very depressing to me lately and in some ways has caused me to lose my drive. I try so hard to ignore it. I stay away from drama completely. I cannot stand it! I want nothing to do with any of it. But it still puts a dark shadow over the art sometimes.

I have honestly been questioning what my future plans are. I have the big doll show in June in Orlando, Florida that I have already committed to. Beyond that, I really don't know what direction I am going to take. Sometimes I feel it is time to move on and find another passion.  I am not making a decision one way or another right now, but it is on my mind all the time and I will be making a decision one way or another by summer.

Ok, well this baby isnt going to paint itself. So off I go!