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Sale on All Remaining IDTS Babies!!!

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Well folks, I have new babies in progress. I need to start making room for them!

Through Wednesday, July 19, I will be offering $100 off all remaining IDTS show babies!

Click the photo below to see the babies available for adoption:


These are some excellent prices on these babies!



Plugging Away Slowly and Vacation Time (Deborah's Darlings Closed)!

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Well folks, I have been painting now for awhile. Right now I have two babies in progress. They are coming along, but slowly. With the kids being out of school, my available time is pretty much cut in half over the summer. I do try and get up early so I can get a few hours in before they wake up. I am hoping to have them completed within the next two weeks.

I do want to mention that Deborah's Darlings will be closed from Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 14. I will be on vacation at this time. I want to mention that for part of that time, approximately 4 days, I may not have an access to internet. I believe those dates without internet will be from about Sunday, August 6 - Thursday, August 10. If I do have internet, I will probably only be able to access it in the late evenings. I will do my best during this time to answer all emails and messages during that time in the evenings. Also, any babies adopted between Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 14 will not ship out until Tuesday, August 15.

I still have a few babies left from the International Doll and Teddy Bear show that have not yet been adopted including 3 cloth body silicones!

Talk soon,


Back to Normal and IDTS 2018!!!

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I am finally back from the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show! I have to say, this was the best show yet and I had a blast! Thank you to everyone that came out! I saw many familiar faces, met new ones, and finally got to put faces to the names I knew from communicating on various doll forums and Facebook. I think eveyone had a great time!

Did you miss it this year? No worries! The International Doll and Teddy Bear Show will be back next year and will be bigger and better than ever! Next year the show will be in sunny Orlando, Florida! It will be twice if not 3 times the size and the location is amazing! Mark your calenders now so you don't miss the chance to meet and and see the amazing creations from artists all over the country and abroad! I have more information regarding this show here: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I really stressed myself out the last few months preparing for the IDTS 2017. I have decided that I am going to go ahead and start preparing for next year by setting babies aside here and there for the show. That way, I am not scrambling to get things done at the last minute. Today, I will begin painting again. I haven't decided who to start on yet, but I have some gorgeous kits and I am excited to get started again!


Personalized Onesies Now Available!

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I am now offering personalized embroidered onesies. All onesies are 100% and are preshrunk prior to embroidery. The onesie will come embroidered just like the design below with your baby's name and the baby feet underneath. Any color combination may be used choosing from the colors I have posted below.


***Please allow up to 7 days for shipping. 

***I will NOT be responsible for names being sent to me mispelled.

***I will only accept 5 orders per week. Once that order limit has been set, I will need to push other orders back to the next week. I will do this to ensure everyone gets their onesie in a timely fashion.


If you are interested in a personalized onesie, please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide me with these details:

1. Name desired on onesie

2. Size of Onesie

3. Color of Onesie 

4. Thread color wanted for name and for the baby feet (row and column number from chart below)

5. Thread color wanted for baby feet (row and column number from chart below)

6. Paypal email address for invoicing 







(payment due prior to onesie being made)

Purchased separately: $20/each (includes first class shipping)

Purchased with a doll: $15/each (includes first class shipping)



whiteonesies pinkonesies blueonesies




3 months




Happy 2017 and New Ventures!

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Hi folks! 


I wish for all of you to have a blessed and prosperous year!

I have had a little hiccup along the way, but I am trying to not let it stop me. For those of you that do not know, I started having symptoms of laryngitis about 2 months ago. I was very puzzled by it because I had not been ill. After 6 weeks of no improvment, I went to my ENT doctor. I was given an laryngoscopy and it was found that my left vocal cord was not functioning. I have been treated with steroids, however, up to this point there has not been any improvement. According to what my doctor said, if there is no improvement by the end of this week I will probably need to have a neck and chest scan to see if they can figure out what is causing this. It is a little scary, but I am doing my best to stay positive. I have a great supportive family and a wonderful group of friends that I know will get me through whatever lies ahead.

In the meantime,I am back to working full time! I am painting away and of course I am in doll show mode for the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show. Click the link below for more information:




I have some beautiful sculpts planned for this show. It is my hope that I can bring a table full of babies that will include open eyed, closed eyed, Boys, girls, and babies of different ethnicities. I have my work cut out for me for sure! I have also taken on the adventure of learning silicone painting.

I hope to have at least one sillicone baby available for adoption. I would love to have 2, but that might be jumping the gun a bit. We will see how it goes!ion.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding the show. If I cannot answer them for you, I will try to find the answer.