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Knox Update!

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Hi folks,

I have had a few people asking me when my Knox sculpt would be completed. I have been working on him (or her) for almost two weeks now. I am currently working on his rooting the best that I can. I have a shoulder issue that makes rooting very difficult for me. Rooting this particular head has been especially painful. It is taking me a little longer than usual, but I hope to have her done by the end of the week. I will send out a newsletter as soon as she is available.



Catching Up and Back to Work

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I had a wonderful long weekend visiting Cincinnati, Ohio. I was able to pay my respects to my mom at her final resting place and to remember all the times I spent in that area as a small child. I returned home to Raleigh, NC late last night. I will be spending today catching up on things here at home. Tomorrow I will be back to work beginning on my next baby,  Laura Lee Eagles "Knox". He is a beautiful baby with a lot of detail. I plan to make him a her and I am really excited to see how she turns out. If I had to guess, I would say it will take me approximately 2 weeks to complete. At this time, I plan to root her, so it will be time consuming. As always, a newsletter will go out as soon as she is available for adoption.


On a Break

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Hi folks,

I will be taking the next few days (through Monday night) to travel to Ohio to visit my mom's final resting place. This is a yearly trip I take with my sister to pay tribute to my mom and to spend time reminiscing our years with her by visiting all the places she took as when we were small children.

I will still be available via email and all babies will still be available for adoption during this time. Any baby adopted on Wednesday, October 8 - Monday, October 13 will ship on Tuesday, October 14.

Thank you,


Thick Skin!

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I have definitely grown thick skin over the years as I have continued this art form. But it still gets to me sometimes when someone publicly scorns me for the price I put on a baby. Recently, I advertised my baby Lauren Grace as being on sale for $600 + shipping in the USA. I was very rudely responded to saying that the price I was asking was way too high. Since it is not in my nature to return the ugliness, I thought I would respond by simply giving a break down of exactly what baby Lauren Grace cost me and just how much money I am truely making. Here goes:

Vinyl: $150

Body: $25

Hair: $70

Paint: $15

Stuffing materials: $10

Clothing ensemble: $50


TOTAL: $320



Hair: 48 hours

Painting: 22 hours


TOTAL HRS: 70 hours



$600 - $320 (total of supplies) = $280


****$/per HOUR****

$280 / 70 hours = $4/HR!!!!



New Baby in the Works

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I have spent the last week and a half painting Tina Kewy's "Its a Girl" sculpt. I am a sucker for all her sculpts. The face on this little one is so precious and so angelic. Today I will be applying her varnisn and then I will begin the tedious job of rooting her big head! She is a 22 " sculpt and so rooting that head will take a little longer. I am going to attempt to root sparsely. That is always a challenge for me!  Off I go!!!